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Freeline OrganicsTM owned and operated by Peter De Kok and Theresa Stigter of The Netherlands, have for more than 10-years established themselves as a top class worldwide supplier of high quality edible oil products, both organic and conventional. Operating from two locations — the original office now in Sassenheim, The Netherlands, and since 2012 an active office in the USA — we serve the ever growing American market as well as ship to Asia, Australia and South America. With warehouse capability in The Netherlands and in several locations US nationwide we proudly consider ourselves a major global player on both sides of the Atlantic.





Our commitment and continuous search for perfection guarantees high quality products, produced from the purest and most selective raw materials.

We are Non-GMO, Skal, and Quality Assurance International Organic-certified and we work with a Kosher-certified production facility.

We ensure organic integrity by overseeing every step of production from the farm to consumer.




Freeline OrganicsTM is recognized as a customer driven supplier and over time has built a reputation for reliability and quality. We follow a strategy based upon simple facts — Customer Satisfaction and Dedication.

We are devoted to our customers who over the years have trusted our performance and service by supplying highly trusted edible oils while implementing the highest production standards.




We guarantee dedicated experience in organic import & export, processing, logistics and certification.

We utilize the latest available edible oil processing technologies and are capable of a range of refining and packing options to suit our customers’ international specifications.

We have established long-term relationships with producers in many countries and closely work with them to satisfy the ever increasing needs of our customers for a top notch experience.

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